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Taekwon-Do Black Belt 3rd Dan grading April 2016

Taekwon-Do Black Belt 3rd Dan grading April 2016

I haven’t spoken for a long while about Taekwon-Do. It’s still great, I still love it and am thoroughly enjoying teaching the kids at the local independent school, which I have now been doing for over a year. They are a delight.

Over the last 12 weeks though I have been focusing on me. I’ve been on a very strict study, fitness and diet programme (losing 10 pounds in weight) to get me ready for my 3rd Dan grading, a grade that when I first started I never thought in a million years I would get to. I even hired a a personal trainer who has been working with me twice a week to get me faster, fitter and leaner, so all in all i’m training for over 12 hours a week.. but it was all worth it.

The grading was expectedly hard and I made a few sill errors along the way but overall I did well and was so delighted to be awarded my 3rd Dan Black Belt by the president of our association TUK Mr Archer VI.

Very please that my husband also passed his 3rd Dan grading and a number of good friends from our club passed their 2nd Dan’s and 1st Dans… very successful results from the Cambridge candidates.

I can now relax a bit as my journey to 4th Dan begins because I have a minimum of 4 years of training before I can even quality for grading! By then some of my Perse kids should be Black Belts :-)

Exciting times.

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